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Fellow Astrophotographers:

Cooledpix.com – My friend Stephen, he’s pretty handy with modded DSLRs.

Astronomy Clubs I am part of:

San Diego Astronomy Association – Great members, nice dark site about two hours from Oceanside

Orange County Astronomers – Good dark site 1.5 hours from Oceanside

Oceanside Photo and Telescope – Not a club but that’s where I get most of my gear.

Software I use

APT – Astro Photography Tool This is what I use to control my DSLR when I’m out taking pictures.
PHD Guiding Excellent program for autoguiding.
EQMODMount control software. Fantastic for everything, especially mosaics. Used with Cartes Du Ciel.
Cartes Du Ciel Planetarium software, very useful to use while imaging.
Deep Sky Stacker Software for stacking exposures, the first step of post processing.
Pixinsight Software I use for processing.


Christina the Photographer – A friend.

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  1. Ivan says:

    Hi Dan,

    First off, great website and awesome pictures! I’m a newbie to astronomy and I just bought my first scope: a 2nd hand Celestron Omni XLT 150 (which is how I found your site). I intend to use it visually for now with the goal of getting into astrophotography down the road.

    Seeing how you’ve used it so well, I do have a question about a mount. Will I be able be able to use a Celestron AVX or Orion Sirius for DSLR photography and auto guiding with it? Or should I save up for a bigger mount like the Atlas or CGEM?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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