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From The Lagoon to Saturn

Holy cow, an update! Finally got a bit of astrophotography done last week. Been extremely busy with work (I’m a freelance cinematographer now) and haven’t been able to get out nearly as much as I’d like. Anyway this is a 3 panel mosaic right smack in the Milky Way. Shot over two nights.



Image Location and Date: SDAA club site, Tierra Del Sol.
Mount: Orion Atlas EQ-G
Imaging scope: Nikkor 180mm f2.8 AI-S ED
Imaging FL: 180mm
Imaging focal ratio: f4
Imaging camera: IR Modded Canon 6D (for the left frame), Canon 5D Mark III for the center frame and right frame.
Lights: RGB 91x300sec @ ISO800 (~8 Hours)
Calibration: flats, Bias
Guide scope: 60mm finder with Orion StarShoot Auto Guider
Other details: guiding with PHD2, captured with APT, processed in PixInsight + Photoshop

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