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I’ve been having fun with film lately. I really love how it forces me to be a better photographer (not sure if it shows though). Even single click of that shutter costs me money, every click means I have one less exposure, and every click means more time in my bathroom developing. So I take my time, make sure the exposure is where I want it, make sure focus is good (I only have one auto focus lens, everything else is manual. Not to be cool, but because I really like old soviet lenses. They are cheap and good enough), and then reallllly pay attention to composition. Thats always been the toughest thing for me, good composition. And I’ve noticed over the years my old personal way of composing a shot seams to emphasize patterns and lines rather than emphasize depth; foreground, background, etc. Like I either prefer 2 dimensional images or I’m just not talented enough to see potential ways to add depth to my image. And I don’t really get bothered by that either. I also like not developing my film for a month or two. Sometimes I have no idea what the picture is of. Sometimes I’ll forget even going to that location. But I like it because it lets me view my photos in a more objective way. Gone is the immediate emotional attachment from a weekends batch of photos… now its akin to viewing somebody else photos and picking up what you like and what you don’t like. Rambling.

I’ve been using a Canon A2e I picked up at the oceanside Swap Meet for $10. ITS AWESOME. I like it better than my 5D and 6D! For use with my previously mentioned one autofocus lens (Canon 50mm 1.8 boring) I can use the eye control focus to pick out my focus point. That means wherever I point my eye in the viewfinder, the camera focuses on that. So instead of having to figure out my frame, than move my camera to focus on whatever plane I’m focusing on, then move the camera back to reframe, I can do it all from one spot. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but man, once you use eye controlled focus you can’t go back. NO IDEA why modern DSLRs omit this completely.

I also picked up a Soviet Practika SLR with no light meter, no motor, no nothing. Full manual control. I’ve been trying to get better at guessing exposure since I read about Douglas Slocombe, the DP for Raiders of the Lost Ark (amoungst a bunch of other movies). Apparently he was so good he didn’t use a handheld light meter, he just used his eyes and called off the exposure settings to the camera operator. For 35mm film. For major motion pictures. That’s amazing. So I’ve been practicing that and surprisingly its not all that hard. Especially when you can just use the sunny16 rule during the day.

Okay photos. Most everything is tri-x.


Santa Rosa Mountain area


San Diego Astronomy Association dark sky site in Tierra Del Sol


Camping on a dry lake.


House above Lake Elsinore


Sand Dune west of the Salton Sea


Patterns in the Sand.


Road in Anza Borrego


Doane Pond, Palomar Mountain


Abandoned house in Lucerne Valley


Boucher Hill Fire Lookout, Palomar Mountain.


Antennas atop Boucher Hill


Dry Lake bed North of Lucerne.


Crystal Cove State Beach


Above Lake Henshaw.


Borrego Springs


Patterns in Anza Borrego

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