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Canon 100D Full Spectrum Mod

Finally had to replace my poor old 1100D. I ran the peltier cooler below the dew point which resulted in condensation hitting the sensor. Ordered myself a new 100D (SL1) and immediately upon arrival I tore it apart to remove the IR blocking filters built into the camera. These filters prevent hydrogen-alpha light from reaching the sensor and as that is the most prominent spectrum of light emitted from nebulae (the red!) those filters had to go. I’ve never modified a 100D before and couldn’t find any guides online but since I’ve done plenty of T3’s and other cameras I decided to go for it. Took about 50 minutes from start to finish, pretty straightforward process with the exception of having to hunt down my T7 star driver for the three screws that hold the sensor carriage to the camera body. Please excuse my filthy keyboard and work area (or don’t).

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