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Big Orion Mosaic – HA almost done

Figured I’d post my progress on the mosaic I’ve been working on for the past two or three months. Dual 180mm Nikkors on Canon T3s, six frames total so far. Here is the hydrogen-alpha image (the easy one). Still haven’t started on the color and to be honest I’m kind of dreading it.


So far I’m at six frames, each frame is around 20 600 second exposures so I guess this is 20 hours of exposure time. I also have 20 hours of color data but its not quite there yet.

This was taken with a $150 Nikkor 180mm AI-S I bought off ebay and it was described as being in “rough” condition. Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you need an expensive scope to do this. Just patience and gas money. Since the local dark sites are several hours away from my apartment in south Orange County I’d estimate I’ve put nearly 1,000 miles into driving to get this shot.

Other stuff: f2.8, Astronomik HA 12nm filter, Orion Atlas mount, Canon T3, ISO 1600. Camera cooled to 0c. All processing in Pixinsight.


  1. Michael Johnson says:

    looks great Dan
    I just ordered another 350D and I’m going to fully Mod. it as well as a clip in Ha filter. Can I pick your brain about Ha imaging?

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks man, and of course you can ask away.

  3. Michael Johnson says:

    When you scrape the Bayer matrix off how much pressure do you need to use.
    Also when you shoot B&W what file setting do you use?
    I saw something on CN about it but can’t find it
    I got the filter already but the camera arrives Thursday
    I really and looking forward to using the camera I have for color and the new one for luminance as well as Ha

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