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M45, the Pleiades from Tierra Del Sol

Got to spend four wonderful nights at my clubs dark site over Thanksgiving break. My main target was NGC2710 but I had to shoot something each night while waiting for the target to rise so why not go for M45 (its been awhile!).

This was shot over four nights and I changed the angle at some point which explains the odd diffraction spikes.

Image Location and Date: SDAA dark site in Tierra Del Sol, CA Nov 28th – Dec 1st
Mount: Orion Atlas EQ-G
Imaging scope: Orion 8″ F3.9 Astrograph
Imaging FL: 800mm
Imaging focal ratio: f3.9
Imaging camera: Canon 1100D (Rebel T3) Modded
Lights: 66x300sec @ ISO 800

Calibration: flats, Bias
Guide scope: 50mm finder with Orion StarShoot Auto Guider
Other details: guiding with PHD, captured with APT, processed in PixInsight

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