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Milky Way from Palomar Mountain

Decided to put the 8mm Peleng to work so I drove up Palomar Mountain around 2 in the morning to catch the summer milky way rising. Conditions were perfect… weather was nice, there was a fog below the mountains that was blocking all the LP and the moon had just set. So even though I had to work in the morning I decided to drive the 1.5 hours up to the top and go for it.

My new Canon T3 will not come to focus with the 8mm, I suspect this is because it is full spectrum modified and I need to adjust the sensor position. No matter, I still have my 350D. Roughly polar aligned the CG-4 and started taking a series of 300sec exposures.


  1. Paulo says:

    Hello, Nice pictures!
    I just bought a 14mm f2.8 wide angle lens that I would like to test in Palomar.
    How accessible is Palomar at night? I mean, are there gates that close? Is it a state park? Can I park my car in the top of the mountain?
    Thank you
    Again,, really nice photos!

  2. Dan says:

    Palomar is easily accessible. There is a state park on the south western part of the mountain but there are many turn offs along the top of East Grade Road near Crestline that are great spots for observing if you don’t mind being near a road.

  3. Denis karatas says:

    Great view we were there yesterday during the day but definetely would do little trip up there,where exactly did u stop can you give me specific directions thanks..

  4. Julio Fernandez says:

    Can I use your beautiful picture at the top freely? Credit would of course be given.

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