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Equiptment pics

I can’t remember if I’ve posted pictures of my setup but here it is. I’m testing everything out tonight before I spend a weekend in Joshua Tree, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten out to the desert and I didn’t want to forget anything.


  1. Andy says:


    I’m wondering if you can help.
    I own an xlt 150 and am trying to start astrophotography with it.
    But I cannot get it to focus. I have a t adapter and t thread for my Nikon d5000.
    But once mounted in that order, I can only either see the inside of my telescope through it. Or when viewing the moon, just a ball of bright haze and no focus.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Many thanks

    Fantastic pics by they way.that’s what I want!!


  2. Dan says:

    If I remember correctly the focuser on the XLT150 has a built in T-ring if you take off the eyepiece adapter, that should give you enough in focus! Thanks!

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