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July, 2015:

Death Valley 2014 PART TWO


We left ¬†Eureka Valley, back through the Inyo Mountains and into the town of Big Pine where we fueled up. I must also note that the bathroom at this particular Mobile station is excellent. I’ve used it before and by God I’ll use it again. Nothing better than a nice flush toilet after crapping in holes and outhouses for days.

On that note we drove south on Highway 395 to our next destination, the (Huells voice) beautiful town of Lone Pine, California! Here we decided to get a hotel for the night. We needed a shower bad and had four more days of exploring to do. Plus, I’ve always wanted to check out this town.

We went into the darkest looking bar we could find. Can’t remember the name or if it had one. Probably something creative like “Two Doors”. Even out here they had some microbrews on tap. I think we got Coors. The lovely lady behind the bar asked us what were were doin in these parts. Why, on vacation in Death Valley my fair lady!

“Why the hell would you spend a week in Death Valley?”