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February, 2015:

Winter Sky over Lake Henshaw

Took a drive out past Palomar to the Lake Henshaw overlook. Took a few quick pics before the moon rose.



Canon 6d, Rokinon 14mm @ f4, 180sec exposure, ISO1600

Comet Lovejoy and M31

Went out to Lake Henshaw Friday night and got a few quick pics of Comet Lovejoy approaching M31 before the moon came up.


Canon 6D ISO1600,

Nikkor 50mm @ f5.6,


Mounted on an Ioptron Skytracker

Processed with Pixinsight

New Timelapse!

Threw some stuff together from my Death Valley trip and various other adventures, a great beat from Ken and well here it is.



This was mostly the first test run of my jib system. Almost got all the bugs worked out of the software so I’ll start shooting clips for a new one soon. Enjoy.