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September, 2014:

Nice weekend.

Drove up to Pine Mountain Club this weekend to help Stephen do some work on his new truck (a beautiful 1990 Toyota Pickup 4×4) and got a chance to do a bit of help with his 17″ CDK project. Scope is almost ready for first light but it required three people to fix it to his mount.





And of course one of my favorite parts of visiting PMC is this amazing view looking down the Grapevine towards Bakersfield and the Sierra Nevada


So you can see the Milky Way from Orange County

Always wanted to try this from some of the southern beaches of San Clemente so I headed out to Califia, waited for the moon to set and got this. I’ll have to go back soon.


Waucoba Mountain

Going through some photos I took in Eureka Valley last year.

Wacucoba Mountain


Cepheus Mosaic


And a labeled version!


I’ve been working at capturing data on this one for a number of months now as sort of a real first light image for my 6D. A total of eight nights (only two of which were consecutive) and at least 40 hours of imaging time. This is a partial HaRGB Composite image. I say partial because no HA data was taken for the left side of the image as I really did not deem it necessary.

Imaging Location: Little Blair Valley, OCA Anza, and Julian Starfest.
RGB Data: Canon 6D unmodded with a Nikkor 180mm AI-S @ F4 ISO800
HA Data: Canon T3 full spectrum with a Nikkor 180mm AI-S @ F2.8. Astronomik 12nm HA filter. ISO1600. Camera cooled to 7C.
Mount: Orion Atlas EQ-G Guided

40+ hours exposure time.

Processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop. Processing was a huge challenging, taking 1.5 days of focus.

This was what the original image looked like after calibration and alignment:


As you can see it needed a lot of work. Hardest part BY FAR is overcoming sky gradients from light pollution and airglow. I also did a terrible job of aligning my frames, this is something I’ve always had issues with.